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Here’s How It Works

Florida Pro Mortgage is your best source for the lowest-rate financing on the market. Why? Because as a brokerage we access mortgages at wholesale rates and pass the savings on to you. Florida Pro Mortgage works one-on-one with each individual client, evaluates their specific needs and finds a lender that suits their situation personally.

Our Process

We start by finding out a little about you and your home buying goals so we can give you the best solution possible.


If you want sellers to take you real seriously, you need real numbers. Your credit score is a key factor in getting an approval.


You tell us about your income, monthly bills and what you have saved to buy a home. We’ll calculate your maximum home price.


You can easily customize your approval letter so that if you make an offer that’s less than what you’re approved for, sellers won’t know.


We’ll get you to the most exciting part of buying a home as fast as possible with no surprises.